Blogger Static Image Generator

  • Wednesday, September 1, 2010
  • vector lover
  • hi, this is a demo blog for blogger static generator.
    please scroll down and look at the heart image to see how is it working.

    to get your own code with your own image, please go to Blogger Static Image Generator at

    How To Add It To Your Blog.

    • 0. Go to and get your code.
    • 1. Log into blogger and go to your blogger account dashboard..
    • 2. Navigate to Design and on your sidebar click Add Gadget and select HTML/javaScript.
    • 3. leave the title empty, and on the content area, paste your generated code..
    • 4. click Save, now move the gadget from sidebar top area to bottom area.
    • 5. Click save changes And Enjoy.


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